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How to Structure Your Indie Game Dev Website

Building a WordPress site is great, but there are certain things that are easier to set-up outside of WordPress. Structure your website properly and you can get the best of both worlds. Simply create your own subfolders and you can create your own custom web pages like on any other site.

Game Demos

You could probably get your game to work within a WordPress page, but the hassle is hardly worth it and it’d make your page needlessly busy. Instead, create a games folder and upload your game builds to that. Then create custom pages for your games. If you’d like, you can great a php template to re-use your header, footer, or even the body.

Tip: One thing to be careful about is collisions between categories/posts and folders. I had a category with the slug ‘games’. When I tried to open the category page,, this matched the folder instead of my WordPress and it only opened a page that said the contents of the folder was unaccessible. Your folders will take priority over your WordPress links, so plan accordingly.

My fix was to change the slug to ‘all-games’ instead of ‘games’, so the category page still works and redirect /games to /all-games for those trying to direct link. However, it’s a bit ugly and I would use a different folder name for the games if I started fresh.

Press kit

Similarly, a press kit can be much easier with the PressKit() tool. Create a press folder and set up your press kit there.


WordPress has a lot of great features, but for very specific use cases you may be better off using specific tools or doing it yourself. Since WordPress is just a tool for creating web pages and uses the same web structure, it’s possible to add your own folders and web pages and creating a hybrid structure that combines the best of easily generated WordPress content and completely custom code.

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