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Tangled Reality Studios is me. It’s a guy named Jacob making games I hope will make people will enjoy. Along the way, I learn a lot and do my best to share what I learn with the community. This website hosts the games I’ve made and the bug fixes, tips, and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

The Tangled Reality name was born from the increasingly overlapping nature of our physical and digital lives. At the moment, I’m building out my studio and this website to improve my own skills, establish myself in the community, and build the team necessary to take on bigger projects in the future.

I have a love for VR/AR, AI, education, puzzles, and unique mechanics.


Early history

I formed Tangled Reality Studios after I quit my job and moved halfway across the world to the only place I could afford (Thailand) in the pursuit of my dream of creating games. I put my head down and worked late nights for months until I finally created something I thought other people would like. It flopped.

What’s next?

I learned a lot from that first launch. Among other things, the importance of managing project size and marketing. I quit game dev for a year to build out a travel app with a company I met traveling. Now, I’m back into the game and ready to make something awesome.

Now what?

To get the most out of this site, check out the overview and resources pages.

Overview has a list of the top articles on the site in the order you’ll encounter them while making a game.

Resources has a list of all my favorite videos, books, and articles on game design, marketing, and other topics. The top few in each section are highly recommended regardless of experience level.

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