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All the best articles, tips, and tricks. Check it out to find the best place to get started no matter where you are in your indie game dev journey. This guide is roughly in the order you need it, but some things you’ll need to do simultaneously. For example, you’ll need to be marketing and building your game at the same time.

Table of Contents:
Learning to Program
Deciding to Make Games
Designing your Game
Building your Game
Example Code and Bonus Features
Building an Online Presence
Sharing Your Game with the World
Important Lessons I’ve Learned

The resources page has additional links to external tools, books, and videos that I’ve used and recommend such as pixel art software, YouTube channels, and books on programming and marketing.

Learning to Program

Should I Learn How to Code?
Types of Programming: Choose Your Path

Learn to Code: Interactive Resources to Learn for Free Online
7 Tips for Learning to Program: Speed Up Your Development
Tools of the Trade: The Best Programming Tools
Take Your Programming Skills to the Next Level

Deciding to Make Games

For Fun or Profit: Why Do You Make Games? (Coming Soon)
For Fun or Profit: Finding Your Place in the Industry (Coming Soon)
For Fun or Profit: Why You Need Marketing Either Way (Coming Soon)
How to Get Started Making Games (Coming Soon)

Designing your Game

Stop Waiting for the Perfect Idea: It’ll Change (coding mistakes, feedback, learning new skills, etc.) (Coming Soon)
The Difference Between Challenging and Cheap: Avoiding False Difficulty (Coming Soon)
How I Made a Chess AI from Scratch and Why I Wouldn’t Do It Again (Coming Soon)
The Meaning and Importance of Death (Coming Soon)

Building your Game

Learning How to Make a Game
Choosing an Engine (or Not) (Coming Soon)
My Top 7 Tips for Unity Beginners
iOS Simulators Not Showing Up – Unity
Debug Android Device without Creating a Project – Unity
Shortcut Keys to Maximize Viewport on Mac – Unity

Common Unity Build Errors and How to Fix Them
Common Unity Shader Errors and How to Fix Them
Common iOS Build Errors and How to Fix Them
Common Android Build Errors and How to Fix Them

Order of GetWorldCorners in Unity
High Editor Overhead in Profiler – Unity
Game Center Authentication Not Working
Google Play Games Services Authentication Not Working

Example Code and Bonus Features

Add Facebook and Twitter Sharing in Seconds (Coming Soon)
How to Greatly Improve the Feel of Your UI in Seconds (with code for Unity) (Coming Soon)
Quick Delete PlayerPrefs with Menu Button

Building an Online Presence

The Audiences of Each Social Media Platform (Coming Soon)
9 Reasons You Need to Start Using Twitter Now
Why Your Game Studio Should Have a Blog
How to Set Up the Server For Your Website
Cerbot and Let’s Encrypt Not Working
How to Set Up WordPress on Your Website
How to Structure Your Indie Game Dev Website
How I Set Up My Game Pages
PressKit Header Size, Static Optimization, & Other Tips to Get It Right
The Best Way to Manage your Gmail Inbox: Alias and Filter Your Inbox
Improve Performance with a CDN (Coming Soon)

Sharing Your Game with the World

The Marketing Fire Analogy
The Top 7 Problems with Paid Marketing
Setting Up a WebGL Demo Page (Coming Soon)
Speeding Up Your WebGL Deployments (Coming Soon)
Preparing for Your First Expo (Coming Soon)

Freemium Myth (Coming Soon)
Myth of the Unexpected Game Flop (Coming Soon)

Important Lessons I’ve Learned

17 Mistakes Made Launching an App & How to Avoid Them
My 5 Best Game Dev Decisions
Why You Need Player Feedback: 20 Lessons Learned from One Day with a Booth (Coming Soon)
A Broken Heart: A Postmorderm (Coming Soon)