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Common Android Build Errors and How to Fix Them

There are a few build errors that seem to happen over and over again on Android. To save myself and others time, I decided to keep a list of these build errors. Some of these errors may be specific to the Unity game engine.

The prefix “tools” for attribute “tools:overrideLibrary” associated with an element type “uses-sdk” is not bound.

Solution: Add xmlns:tools=”” to the manifest section of your AndroidManifest.xml file.


<manifest xmlns:android=”” xmlns:tools=”” package=”com.unity3d.player” android:installLocation=”preferExternal” android:theme=”@android:style/Theme.NoTitleBar” android:versionCode=”1″ android:versionName=”1.0″>


I hope this article helped you save some time. If you have other common Android build errors, send them in and I’ll add them.

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