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Hotfix: A Game About Making Games

Hotfix is a game about making games. I was inspired to make it by the many future game devs out there wondering where to get started making games.

Are you interested in making your own games? Just a bit curious about how games work? Try it yourself!

Making a game can be overwhelming. This game will gradually introduce you to programming over several different game types. You’ll start off fixing a few typos to show you how games are made behind the scenes. Then you’ll make a few of your own functions, replace entire classes, and finally program a game yourself.

You’re set up with all the models, textures, art, and audio to get started right away. You can even program directly within the game, so you won’t need to download a game engine or an IDE. It’s also much faster than traditional engines as you won’t need to rebuild the whole project between script updates.

The game is built on top of the Unity game engine with the default scripting language of C#, so you’re learning how to use a real language and a practical coding language.

For now, there’s a single level demo. There’s one script you’ll have to fix and your goal is to shoot a basketball within the hoop.

I’ll be expanding the demo in the future for gradually more complex games from pong-style games to full 3D platformers or shooters.

Windows Download
Linux Download
Mac Download

You’ll need to right-click + open to run the game as it’s not on any app stores yet.

If you have any issues with the any of the builds then let me know!
Edit: PC build fixed! Windows and their


Basketball texture by Downdate
Floor texture by Chacalxxx
Basketball hoop model by Digital Sandwich
Basketball bounce audio by Cribbler

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