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Common iOS (Objective-c/Swift) Errors and How to Fix Them

There are a few build errors that seem to happen over and over again on iOS. To save myself and others time, I decided to keep a list of these build errors. Some of these errors may be specific to the Unity game engine.

ld: framework not found FileProvider for architecture armv7

Solution: Update your Xcode install to Xcode 9.

Fatal Error: Index out of bounds in Swift

You may have created an ArraySlice. Methods that create ArraySlices include drop, dropFirst, dropLast, and others. ArraySlices are portions of an array. They retain the same indexes as in the original array, so if you used dropFirst() and called array[0] you would get this error as the element as 0 was removed. Constructing a new array with your ArraySlices is the simplest way to avoid this issue as the indexes will return to what you’d expect from an array. Example: Array(arraySlice)


I hope this article helped you save some time. If you have other common iOS build errors, send them in and I’ll add them.

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