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PressKit Header Size, Static Optimization, & Other Tips to Get It Right

Everyone needs a press kit. Press kits put all the information important to the press in one place in highlight your game and boost your chance of getting coverage. They’re essential to the success of a game.


PressKit() is an awesome tool for quickly and easily making press kits. Created by the team at Vlambeer team, it’s a great tool that’s generally simple to use, but one thing I found missing from the documentation was the image size of the header.

Header Image Size

To¬† my knowledge, it doesn’t appear in the documentation. The quickest way to find the size is to download the header from an existing PressKit() page and find its size. From Vlambeer’s examples, the header size is 720 x 240 pixels. Based on my old notes from my previous press kits, I use the size 1024 x 240 pixels. You can compare the styles to find what’s best for you.

720 example and 1024 example

Static Optimization

While PressKit() is great, generating your page repeatedly over php for static content isn’t. Presskit.html converts your PressKit data into static html pages you can place on your site. They’ve also provided a few minor updates to PressKit() as well. There’s no reason not to use it.

Image Size Optimization

Making the press’ lives easier increases the likelihood of your game getting coverage. One simple thing you can do is pre-optimize all your images for the web. On my mac, I use the free software, ImageOptim, to compress the images before upload. ImageOptim is a mac only download or can be used as a web service. There’s a variety of other options for windows user. If you’ve found something you prefer, leave a comment and I’ll check it out.


Making a press kit is a quick way to boost your changes of press coverage. It takes hardly any time, makes you look more professional, and saves both sides a lot of time in the long run, so get it done!

Got your own press kit tips and tricks? Leave them in the comments!

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