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Daily Dev: Sept 18, 2016

Ended up getting a good amount done today. Just a few more things to put in this next update. That’s good as it’s time for me to leave this apartment and go explore Indonesia!

Not sure what to think of how the app is doing. It seems like there’s potential there, but I’m just not hooking users. I’m adding a few things to try to address that in this next update along with some analytics to try and pin point the issue. I don’t think it’s just the design, but that could be a part of it. I know I would be doing a lot better now if I had removed the tutorial before launch as my impressions on the Apple App Store dropped off significantly after the first couple weeks. Lesson learned.

Still haven’t cracked the Apple App Store yet. Seems like I get much more organic on the Google Play Store. I’m going to try to drum up some press once the new design is incorporated.


1.) Add more juice

2.) Add some retention features

3.) Get enough done to release update tomorrow

Thankful for:

1.) Time to think

2.) Holidays

3.) Laptops

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