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Daily Dev: Sept 5, 2015

In the past, I’ve found active journaling to be helpful for a great number of reasons. It improves productivity by giving your day/week/month focus. It’s a simple thing to start your day which helps you ease yourself into work and avoid sleeping in to avoid stressing issues. It is good for mental health as it let out frustrations, adding daily things you’re grateful for helps you think more positively throughout the day, and the daily bookending of your day gives you a more consistent schedule and provides anchor points for more good habits.


1.) Finish migrating relevant posts from to this site and point to this site as well.

2.) Finish draft of marketing fire analogy

3.) Post game dev article to Twitter tonight (to fit U.S. schedule). Post puzzles with watermark to, (worth a shot), and Twitter.

4.) Update Truce control schemes and upload to this site


1.) Done

2.) Done

3.) May be delayed depending on iOS app review. Would prefer new users not to see the old version. The app went in for review 9 minutes before I finished uploading the build for a new feature. I just canceled the review as I would prefer the builds to be synched. This means another 24-48 hour delay in release.

4.) Good to have more games on the site, but unless this takes off, I’m unlikely to have time for it within the next few weeks. Going to prioritize a few other things first.

Grateful for:

1.) Google search

2.) Supportive friends

3.) Fantastic internet

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