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Daily Dev: Sept 6, 2016

Not too much to report. Generally feeling pretty happy with my progress over the past year. I haven’t made any money yet, but I’ve noticed how much easier it is to come up with new ideas to best improve my business.


1.) Migrate and update the resources page from my old website. Adding new books and brief descriptions.

2.) Finish draft of mistakes made launching an app РProgress made, but still working on it.

3.) Write draft on the importance of ASO – Started writing this & ended up writing something else.

If update is approved (not in review yet):

1.) Post game dev article to Twitter.

2.) Post game to free app subreddits.

3.) Post puzzles with watermark to, (worth a shot), and Twitter.

4.) Reschedule Google and FB ads if app

Thankful for:

1.) Air conditioning

2.) Electricity being included in rent

3.) Finding a new community of marketers

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