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Daily Dev: Sept 8, 2016

My app was approved by Apple and just like I hoped, it jumped to the #1 rank for a couple of my target keywords! I’m beyond thrilled. I hope that it’ll start making a real difference in my downloads.

I still need to work on retention though! I’m especially horrified by my funnel showing that only 44% of users downloading the app complete a single level. I have a theory that it’s based  I had a theory, but I thought about how I could test it and the theory wass wrong. My theory was that users realized the game wasn’t localized upon opening the app and decided to delete it. However, I just realized that I could divide my funnels up by geography and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

The real numbers are worse! Only 39% of U.S. users complete a puzzle and only 12% of UK users! That’s worse than Germany (100%), Japan (67%), and Russia (50%). Each country of those countries only had a few downloads with the proper analytics, but they clearly weren’t the ones skewing the results! I’m going to ask for help from /r/gamedev and hopefully they’ll be sympathetic and give me a bit of advice (and maybe a few downloads). I’ll title it something like “What is wrong with my game intro?”

Now, it’s time to put my rough marketing strategy in action! Or at least formulate one… On to the to-do list!

On a side note, I’m just starting to realize how much of a pain it is to live on the other side of the world from your target market. (Quite literally. It’s a 12 hours difference.) The ideal time to post on /r/gamedev (according to SocialRise) would be 3:00 AM my time. Quite possibly the most inconvenient time possible. Or it would be if I was on a well-adjusted sleep schedule to begin with! *cue chuckle followed by a sigh*


1.) Launch the posts I have cued up. There’s a few Twitter/Facebook/Reddit comments, feedback posts, or bits of advice that I wrote this morning that I haven’t sent yet, because I wanted to wait until people were actually awake.

2.) Rebuild and restart a few ad campaigns.

3.) Reddit post to get feedback on my intro. Absolute #1 priority. What I do next is highly dependent on this.

4.) Announce the new build on Facebook and Twitter. Also, potentially /r/freegames.

Grateful for:

1.) Jumping up in the rankings with my new ASO.

2.) Nearby restaurants.

3.) The rain.

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