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A Broken Heart: A Mind-Splitting Endless Runner

A Broken Heart is a free mobile game for iOS and Android. Inspired by the Helicopter game and Flappy Bird, take control of two halves of a broken heart, guide them both around obstacles, and bring the two halves back together to earn points!

There’s one more twist. It’s a competition. Team Singles vs. Team Couples. So pick your team, grab your partner (or not!), and get to playing!

This game has got all the things you expect:
– Endless fun
– Leaderboards
– Social sharing features
Plus even more stuff you don’t expect!
– Clouds that get angry!
– Super cool pixel art (It’s retro, but that was the trend before, but now it’s cool, because it’s not cool… I think it’s cool anyways.)
– Burning stuff… It’s fun.

Are you still reading? What are you waiting for?

Get to playing already!
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