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Daily Dev: Sept 15, 2016

Exciting news! Expect a new demo from a co-op single-controller game I started back in college. It’s really fun if I do say so myself.

I’m getting close to being able to move a new project. Spending my day on Checkmate Chess Puzzles is causing diminishing returns. I lack a clear focus, so I’m much more easily distracted. Looking at the app’s numbers has been an especially large time sink. It’s a time sink, because I lack sufficient information to do anything about those numbers. I need more information to be effective on some things, so I’ll be working on that soon. Some numbers like how A/B tests on copy are performing I can change, but I need enough data to be statistically relevant, so I’m trying to decrease the time spent checking those numbers as well. Other things I simply can’t change directly, so watching them rise and fall doesn’t help. The last few things I will be doing are working on a few optimizations, fixing a few bugs related to 3rd party software (looking at you Facebook and Unity Ads), and updating the website. I’m also trying to get a designer to help me out with UI.

I do want to note that Unity Ads was incredibly prompt responding. I’m still not sure about them as my numbers aren’t large enough for them to decide my ad revenue. I am also frustrated as they keep dodging the question when I ask if getting more views will result in back pay for ads perviously served or just result in more stable revenue in the future. I’ll definitely write about my overall experience once I cross that threshold and I have more definitive results to share.

Facebook. Ugh. They build localization files for a few of their buttons in their SDK. This seems harmless, but it forces the app to be localized in all languages. I’m fairly certain this has gotten me bad reviews from users that thought the app was localized when it wasn’t. I’m also to blame as I didn’t tackle the issue immediately after finding it. I just couldn’t come up with anything that could explain the behavior. Someone on Reddit questioned whether I was sure if there was no files and before I angrily retorting back, I did a search for .xml files and found Facebook’s in a Temp build folder.

1.) Fix website issues. (Better redirects, look into amp problems, etc.)

2.) Attend another Dojo meeting.

3.) General updates (Filler to feel less bad about not getting much done today.)

Thankful for:

1.) Free time

2.) Family

3.) Ice cream

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