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Daily Dev: Sept 16, 2016

Today has great potential to be productive. I’ve refocused my goals, thought of a few ways to juice up my game, and have done research into design and building user habits (getting gamers to keep playing my games over and over). I say today has potential, because I haven’t actually done anything yet.

Thinking is critical. It’s our unique thought process that allows us to create. However, thinking is pointless without action. I’ve picked up about 15 new articles and videos to read, but I realized that I was starting to feel overwhelmed. There was too much new information to process and the lack of concrete results from my efforts. So I decided to go back to my daily dev journal. It’s one concrete thing that I know I can get done everyday. It keeps my website and Twitter (barely) updated and helps me re-focus. Just a few more sentences and I’ll be able to cross something off my mental list for the day instead of just adding to it.


1.) Downgrade Unity due to UI-bug in 5.4.1.

2.) Add a few juicy moments to Checkmate Chess Puzzles.

3.) Update Checkmate Chess Puzzles on all platforms.

Thankful for:

1.) Fresh air

2.) Upcoming surf time

3.) Just how much knowledge the internet has to offer

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